How to Rename WordPress User Profile Fields

On the User Profile Edit page there are fields which you may want to rename instead of removing:


All three of those fields are outdated. You could remove the fields, and add new fields such as Twitter and Facebook, or you can just rename the visible words on the page without adding new custom fields.

To rename the words a user will see when editing their profile you need to create a function which you will add to your WordPress theme’s function file. Most all WordPress themes will have this as functions.php or theme_functions.php

Add the following code to the function file in your theme:


Words of Caution:

BACK UP the theme’s function file BEFORE you make any changes as ANY syntax error will result it the whole theme (your site!) not loading.

You just need to re word the ‘Change This’  in the function to whatever you need your users to see.

This is better than editing the CORE files as any time you update WordPress, you will have to make the changes to the CORE file containing this information.



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