Acid Pro 5 Power!: The Official Guide To Sony Acid Pro 5 Software

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Book Title – Acid Pro 5 Power!: The Official Guide To Sony Acid Pro 5 Software
Book Author – D. Eric Franks

Publisher – Course Technology PTR

Topics – Computers,Entertainment,Reference

ACID Pro 5 Power!: The Official Guide to Sony ACID Pro 5 Software


ACID, whose manufacturer, Sonic Foundry, was recently acquired by Sony, is the #1 product in the loop-based composition category. This fun and popular Windows-based application is accessible to beginners, but used by professionals for serious artistic and commercial music creation. Geared towards both musically-oriented people with few computer skills and computer-oriented people with little music training, this book provides in-depth coverage of this powerful application and is an effective guide to learning the many features ACID has to offer. As a revision to the successful, "ACID Power!" (Muska & Lipman, 1929685491), this book makes it easier to create amazing audio on the PC. Readers learn to master ACID's features, record audio and MIDI tracks, burn songs to redistribute on CD or over the internet, and add music to video. The easy-to-understand, thorough approach of this book will smoothly guide readers through this application, offering many expert tips and tricks, along with not just the "how", but the "why" behind the learned skills.