Active Directory

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Book Title – Active Directory

Active Directory® for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Technical Reference (Pro-Technical References)


Get the focused, in-depth technical expertise you need to implement and optimize your Microsoft directory services infrastructure. As two Active Directory® experts guide you through advanced design and deployment issues for the Windows® Server 2003 environment, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts, architectural components, and real-world functionality of Active Directory directory service. Whether you’re upgrading from Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 or later, or performing a clean installation, you’ll learn the best ways to exploit Active Directory capabilities for your organization—and deliver new levels of network performance and productivity.

Get the technical drill-down you need to:

  • Install, upgrade, or migrate to Active Directory
  • Learn essential design considerations for DNS
  • Design Active Directory structure—forests, domains, sites, and OUs
  • Manage Active Directory objects, including users and groups
  • Optimize domain controller data replication
  • Use group policies to deploy software and manage desktops
  • Implement authentication, Kerberos, and other security features and tools
  • Monitor Active Directory replication and domain controller performance, and manage the Active Directory database
  • Perform critical maintenance and plan for disaster recovery