Ajax: Your Visual Blueprint For Creating Rich Internet Applications

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Book Title – Ajax: Your Visual Blueprint For Creating Rich Internet Applications
Book Author – Steve Holzner Ph.D.

Publisher – Visual

Topics – Computers

Ajax: Your visual blueprint for creating rich Internet applications


Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Open the book and you'll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 150 key Ajax techniques, including:
* Downloading data from behind the scenes
* Enabling real-time live searches
* Playing games that use Ajax
* Populating pop-up menus
* Accessing Web pages from JavaScript
* Handling menus, colors, and backgrounds
* Creating interactive mouseovers
* Updating shopping carts
* Installing Ajax frameworks
* Validating XML from the server
* Enabling auto-completion of typed terms
* Downloading images behind the scenes

"I just purchased my third Visual book (my first two are dog-eared now!) and, once again, your product has surpassed my expectations. Keep up the wonderful work!"
-Tracey Moore (Memphis, TN)
* High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task
* Succinct explanations walk you through step by step
* Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules
* "Apply It" and "Extra" sidebars highlight useful tips