Autocad 2004 For Architecture (autocad For Architecture)

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Book Title – Autocad 2004 For Architecture (autocad For Architecture)
Book Author – Alan Jefferis

Publisher – Autodesk Press

Topics – Computers,Professional and Technical,Science

AutoCAD 2004 for Architecture (Autocad for Architecture)


Here is a fully updated introduction to AutoCAD 2004 and its improved use of the Internet! Beginning with an exploration of the basic tools that control AutoCAD, each subsequent chapter builds on the skills being learned for a well-rounded exploration of each new command relating to 2D construction documentation. All the need to know information that current and future architects, engineers and designers require is given, affording readers the efficiencies and skills they need to apply AutoCAD in the architectural environment. The book is an excellent resource for new users wishing to explore the computer skills needed to excel in architectural design, as well as for experienced CAD users adjusting to the new features and functions of AutoCAD 2004.