Bcsn: Building Scalable Cisco Networks (book/cd-Rom Package)

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Book Title – Bcsn: Building Scalable Cisco Networks (book/cd-Rom Package)
Book Author – Arjan Aelmans Floris Houniet Tan Nam-Kee

Publisher – McGraw-Hill Companies

Topics – Computers

BCSN: Building Scalable Cisco Networks (Book/CD-ROM package)


-- Written by Tom Thomas of NetCerts one of the most preeminent online Cisco sites. Online features of the book on NetCerts to include author interviews and online roundtables with authors that allow readers and authors to interact!
-- Each chapter includes a FAQ section that will aid in troubleshooting problem areas that readers may encounter on the job.
-- 500 + questions are included that reinforce material presented.
-- Real-world case studies, scenarios and actual configurations help the reader gain practical hands-on experience.
-- Visio graphic package provided on the CD as well as a Cisco icon package that allows students to draw different router configurations as they practice for the exam.