Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications

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Book Title – Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications
Book Author – Interface21 Seth Ladd Bram Smeets

Publisher – Apress

Topics – Computers

Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications


Spring has made a remarkable rise in popularity since its conception in 2002. Many users have found the lightweight, open-source Spring Framework 2.x ideal for building their applications in Java EE environments. Written by Interface21, Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications will take developers through the following:

  • Covers the first steps of using Spring while discussing the relevant technologies that Spring can be integrated with, what to be aware of, and how working with Spring makes them easier to use
  • Focuses on the most useful features of Spring, including persistence and transaction management as well as the complete Spring web tools portfolio
  • Introduces three-tier application design and how to test these designs

What you’ll learn

  • Get a gentle introduction to the Spring Framework 2.x and the application context
  • Access and persist your data with Spring and its modules for JDBC, Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO, OpenJPA, and others
  • Use Spring for business logic and transaction management and support
  • Work with Spring’s web-tier solutions including Spring MVC web framework, web forms, web flow, as well as integration with other web solutions
  • See how aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is important and what role it plays in Spring and your three-tier enterprise application
  • Test and deploy Spring

Who this book is for

Ideal for those new to J2EE/Java EE, this book provides a broad insight into Spring’s enterprise Java-based technologies, while showing how to use Spring correctly in applications lowers the enterprise Java learning curve without going into too much detail.

Table of Contents

  1. A Gentle Introduction to the Spring Framework
  2. The Core Container
  3. Aspect-Oriented Programming
  4. Spring AOP 2.0
  5. Introduction to Data Access
  6. Persistence with JDBC
  7. Transaction Management
  8. Spring MVC
  9. View Technologies
  10. Testing