Computer: An Illustrated History

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Book Title – Computer: An Illustrated History
Book Author – Mark Frauenfelder

Publisher – Carlton Publishing Group

Topics – Computers,Reference

The Computer: An Illustrated History


The Computer traces the evolution of this vital machine from its earliest roots through its exciting application in code-breaking during the Second World War, and from its initial use in the workplace and home to its current status as a totally indispensable part of twenty-first century life. Along the way the author examines some colorful moments in the computer's development, from the key battle between Apple and IBM in the 1980s, to the use of computers in film and television such as the 1950s film The Forbidden Planet. The speed at which computer technology is progressing is staggering, and the final chapter looks forward to a time when computers will be on our wrists, in our cars ? and possibly in our bodies.