Creating Your Web Site With Coldfusion

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Book Title – Creating Your Web Site With Coldfusion
Book Author – Ruben Akhayan

Publisher – Independent Publishers Group

Topics – Computers

Creating Your Web Site with Coldfusion


Focusing on Web design, this book opens up the possibilities of working with comprehensive, high-performance, and easily expandable Macromedia ColdFusion platforms for creating dynamic Web sites and building large-scale e-commerce systems. Covered are the principles of building Web applications, the basics of the CFML language, and creating databases. Also addressed are working with data using SQL syntax, building diagrams, managing files, organizing a search engine for the site, and planning and generating statistical pages. Techniques are provided for using the CFSCRIPT language, the mail server, COM, WML pages for developing WAP applications, Web Distributed Data Exchange, servlets, and JSP.