Dr. Mac: The Os X Files

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Book Title – Dr. Mac: The Os X Files
Book Author – Bob LeVitus

Publisher – Wiley

Topics – Computers

Dr. Mac: The OS X Files


"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life." -Chinese Proverb
"This book teaches you how to fish." -Dr. Mac
Macintosh guru Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus will help you use your Macintosh better and faster, and will kick-start you on your way to becoming a Power User. Starting with the basics, you'll find tips, hints, tutorials, shortcuts, troubleshooting advice, informative screen shots, timesaving software recommendations, where to do what on the Web, and much more.
What is a Power User?
According to Dr. Mac's Really Abridged Dictionary, Power User (pou'ar yoo'zer), n. 1. Someone who uses a Macintosh better, faster, or more elegantly than you do. 2. Someone who can answer Macintosh-related questions you can't.
This book features hundreds of useful and timesaving tips and hints, and tons of advice - not only from Dr. Mac, but from more than 60 other Mac OS X Power Users.
The companion Web site is chock-full of links to the absolute best freeware, shareware, games, demo programs, informative .pdf files, icons, and more - all handpicked by Dr. Mac. Take a look at www.boblevitus.com/xfiles.html for more details.
Learn how to:
* Diagnose and cure common OS X problems, with a minimum of inconvenience
* Find anything and everything your Mac will ever need on the World Wide Web
* Impress your friends with your newfound Unix knowledge (and maybe even fix some things too)
* Customize your system with more than 100 handpicked programs reviewed throughout the book that make Mac OS X better, more fun, or both
Who is this book for?
Everyone from beginners to Power Users will benefit from reading this book. Anyone who would like to get more done with Mac OS X in less time and with less effort.