Effective Functional Verification: Principles And Processes

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Book Title – Effective Functional Verification: Principles And Processes
Book Author – Srivatsa Vasudevan

Publisher – Springer

Topics – Computers,Professional and Technical,Science

Effective Functional Verification: Principles and Processes


Effective Functional Verification is organized into 4 parts. The first part contains 3 chapters designed appeal to newcomers and experienced people to the field. There is a survey of various verification methodologies and a discussion of them.

The second part with 3 chapters is targeted towards people in management and higher up on the experience ladders. New verification engineers reading these chapters learn what is expected and how things work in verification. Some case studies are also presented with analysis of proposed improvements.

The last two parts are the result of experience of several years. It goes into how to optimize a verification plan and an environment and how to get results effectively. Various subjects are discussed here to get the most out of a verification environment. Lastely, the appendix discusses some tool specifics to help remove repetitive work and also some tool specific guidelines.

While reading Effective Functional Verification, one will be able to get a jump start on planning and executing a verification plan using the concepts presented.