Excel Pocket Guide

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Book Title – Excel Pocket Guide
Book Author – Curtis Frye

Publisher – OReilly Media Inc.

Topics – Computers

Excel Pocket Guide


From simple calculations and lists to critical business management systems, Excel is not just the dominant spreadsheet application, it's one of the most widely used software applications in the world. Chances are good that you use Excel. And no matter what your level of expertise, you'll want a copy of the Excel Pocket Guide close by.

Packed with information, the Excel Pocket Guide is a compact reference that covers such basics as creating workbooks, entering data, printing, cell formatting, and spell checking. For more advanced users, the book provides handy information on formulas, pivot tables, collaboration, and customization. This helpful guide is easy to use anywhere -- it's the perfect quick reference for all users who want to complete tasks faster without having to wade through a five hundred-page tutorial.

If you're new to Excel, this book will get you up to speed quickly. If you consider yourself an advanced user, you'll be surprised and pleased with some of the new Excel tricks this book will teach you. The Excel Pocket Guide will help users at all levels of expertise become Excel experts.