Expert Web Services Security In The .Net Platform

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Book Title – Expert Web Services Security In The .Net Platform
Book Author – Brian Nantz Laurence Moroney

Publisher – Apress

Topics – Computers

Expert Web Services Security in the .NET Platform


Any company using .NET will eventually (if it hasn't already) expose part of its functionality as a .NET Web service, and securing these features will become job number one. Expert Web Services Security in the .NET Platform is a comprehensive treatment on how to secure Web services on the .NET platform. This book specifically focuses on Web services security, not general .NET security.

Authors Brian Nantz and Laurence Moroney lay the foundation for a complete discussion of Web services security in the .NET platform by first describing the key aspects of security for the Windows operating system, Internet Information Services, and ASP.NET. They show developers how to use the WS-Security W3C specifications for industry-standard authentication, encryption, authorization, XML signature, attachments, and routing with Web services. The specific working code examples and clear-cut explanations will assist developers in readily integrating Web services security into their applications.