Faster Smarter Network+ Certification

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Book Title – Faster Smarter Network+ Certification
Book Author – Melissa Craft

Publisher – Microsoft Press

Topics – Computers

Faster Smarter Network+ Certification


Take the next step in your career by earning your CompTIA Network+ certification the faster, smarter way. This innovative, high-energy guide makes the most of your study time by teaching exactly what you need for the Network+ exam. You get focused, no-fluff coverage of exam objectives—plus Test Smart tips, a rigorous cram-and-review section, practice questions on CD, and a handy eBook. With 9 professional certifications and more than a decade of IT experience, this author knows how to cut to the chase in exam preparation! The better way to prep for Network+, a leading credential for network support professionals!

  • Master the OSI model
  • Plan network topology, media, and components
  • Install network and client operating systems
  • Configure TCP/IP protocols, addressing, and name resolution services
  • Plan security features, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery
  • Use troubleshooting methods, TCP/IP utilities, and other tools to resolve problems

The Faster Smarter way to master Network+, featuring:

  • Concise, objective-by-objective exam coverage
  • End-of-chapter review questions
  • Test Smart tips from a certification expert
  • Rigorous Check Yourself (Before You Test Yourself) review chapter
  • Challenging practice questions on CD

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