Find Gold In Windows Vista

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Book Title – Find Gold In Windows Vista
Book Author – Dan Gookin

Publisher – Wiley

Topics – Computers

Find Gold in Windows Vista


Windows Vista represents a major improvement to Windows--one that's been long in coming. Because of that, many readers will be experienced Windows users who have grown accustomed to doing things a certain way. The new version of Windows will present a challenge to them. This book is for that reader.

Getting up to speed on a new version of Windows is a frustrating game called "Where have they buried the bodies?" People know what they want to do; they just don't know the new places to find what they need and the new steps involved to accomplish the task. Find Gold in Windows Vista shows readers the new places and the new steps in the new Windows. This book is different because computer users who already know Windows but are merely concerned with finding where the bodies are buried can use it to find quickly the exact information they need.

While experienced readers can enjoy this book's topical and to-the-point approach, beginners and those intimidated by computers will enjoy the tutorial aspect. This is the "Ask Dan" flavor of the book, where Dan explains in his usual, avuncular style how to do things for folks who are intimidated or perhaps just don't know a better way to get things done.