Leo Laportes Guide To Tivo

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Book Title – Leo Laportes Guide To Tivo
Book Author – Leo Laporte Gareth Branwyn

Publisher – Que

Topics – Computers,Entertainment,Professional and Technical

Leo Laporte's Guide to TiVo


You probably bought your TiVo so that you would never have to miss another baseball game, soap opera or Thursday night sitcom again. It's great at what it does and is much friendlier than your VCR. But did you know that your TiVo is capable of so much more than recording your favorite programs? That is why Leo Laporte, a top voice in consumer technology, and Gareth Branwyn, of Wired magazine, got together to bring you Leo Laporte's Guide to TiVo, a fun, light-hearted and in-depth look at TiVo and all that it is capable of. In this easy-to-follow guide, you will learn remote control trickery, how to upgrade your TiVo hardware, how to add a CallerID display to your television and how to add web capabilities. Take control of your television destiny with Leo Laporte's Guide to TiVo.