Little Imac Book (2nd Edition)

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Book Title – Little Imac Book (2nd Edition)
Book Author – Robin Williams

Publisher – Pearson Education

Topics – Computers,Professional and Technical,Reference

The Little iMac Book (2nd Edition)


The first edition of The Little iMac Book quickly soared to the top of bestseller lists when it released in the Fall of 1998. Since then, Apple has revved the iMac several times, making it a challenge for consumers to understand the features of each new iMac and what it can do. Robin Williams' newly revised bestseller is updated to cover all the latest releases of Apple's groundbreaking consumer machine including the new desktop video capabilities and DVD-ROM drives, improved graphics capabilities, and the AirPort card for wireless communication. The Little iMac Book, Second Edition is still the book to buy for beginners and will be updated for OS 9 and cover all the iMac basics, from starting up and shutting down to using the mouse to working with the desktop. Robin explains how to use the iMac to get on the Internet and the Web, and how to get around once you are there. With its friendly tone and easy-to-understand explanations, this is an indispensable guide to using the iMac -- whichever one you choose. (Previous edition ISBN: 0-201-35421-7)