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MasteringFedoraCore 5


Leverage Fast-Growing Fedora with this Comprehensive Guide

Here's the practical information you need to install, configure, and administer the latest version of Fedora as a network or a desktop operating system. Written by Red Hat Certified Engineer and bestselling author Michael Jang, Mastering Fedora Core 5 contains more than a thousand pages of in-depth coverage, including new installation procedures, the very latest utilities, and high-level discussions of new commands and applications. The book includes a DVD with the full distribution of Fedora Core 5.

Coverage Includes

  • Installing Linux(r) locally or over a network
  • Walking through the very first boot process
  • Navigating the command-line interface
  • Administering users and groups
  • Recompiling a kernel
  • Networking Linux with TCP/IP and on a LAN
  • Creating a local update repository
  • Securing your Linux network
  • Configuring and troubleshooting FTP, NFS, Samba, and Apache
  • Managing the X Window System with GNOME, KDE(r), and more

Featured on the DVD

  • The DVD contains the full distribution of Fedora Core 5.

Master Fedora Core 5 for Networks and Desktops

Increase Productivity with Detailed Troubleshooting

Find Full Instructions for Windows(r) Users Switching to Linux