Norton Internet Security For Dummies

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Book Title – Norton Internet Security For Dummies
Book Author – Greg Holden

Publisher – For Dummies

Topics – Computers

Norton Internet Security For Dummies


You can’t see them, but they’re lurking out there ominously. They loom in all shapes, sizes, and disguises. And sooner or later, one will probably try to worm its way into your computer. They’re viruses, hackers, and other kinds of attackers set on sabotaging your computer and data, stealing your identity, using your address book to target more innocent victims, and more.

It’s Norton Internet Security on guard and to the rescue—IF you have it installed, configured, and updated properly. Norton Internet Security For Dummies helps you use the software’s suite of applications to protect and streamline your online experience. It takes you from installation to configuration to troubleshooting. You’ll discover how to:

  • Set up Norton Personal Firewall to respond to alerts
  • Configure Norton AntiVirus to take advantage of the Auto-Protect feature
  • Use Live Update to keep your software current (the bad guys don’t give up, so you can’t let your guard down)
  • Use the Browser Privacy component to prevent your Web browser from giving information to Web sites you visit
  • Implement Ad Blocking to reduce annoying pop-up ads
  • Use the AntiSpam component to reduce unwanted commercial e-mails
  • Use Norton Parental controls to restrict what your kids do online and track where they’ve been online
  • Use Norton Productivity Control (on the professional version) to block employees’ access to certain sites

Written by Greg Holden, author of Starting an Online Business For Dummies and owner of Stylus Media, this guide goes beyond the basics to include tips on:

  • Creating better passwords
  • Dealing with spyware and cookies
  • Making your laptop, cellphone, or PDA more secure (Yes, they’re after them, too)
  • Recognizing suspicious e-mails
  • Tracking hackers with WHOIS and DShield
  • Customizing access for different users

With a list of search engines especially for kids, suggestions of more tools to enhance your privacy and security, a glossary, a list of Web resources, and more, Norton Internet Security  For Dummies helps you enjoy the Web, knowing Norton Internet Security is on guard against invaders.