Object-Oriented Design In C++ Using The Standard Template Library

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Book Title – Object-Oriented Design In C++ Using The Standard Template Library
Book Author – Nicholas J. De Lillo

Publisher – Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

Topics – Computers

Object Oriented Design in C++ Using the Standard Template Library


The primary focus of Nick DeLilloÆs new book is on object-oriented design (OOD) using the Standard Template Library (STL). The STL provides reusable, reliable components for software design so students donÆt have to be concerned with the correctness and efficiency of the code they design. The author assumes students have prior knowledge of data structures and algorithms, then builds upon this knowledge by introducing the use of the STL. Chapters 1-4 serve as a review of Data Structures and Algorithms including such topics as encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and traditional data structures. In Chapter 5, the transition is made to using the STL to accomplish these same tasks, enabling students to see the benefit of using these predefined tools. The students also are introduced to OOD projects and how the STL is a powerful tool for this type of work. While several texts may cover pieces of these topics, this is the first text that covers them in one comprehensive book.