Oleary Series: Internet

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Book Title – Oleary Series: Internet
Book Author – Timothy J. OLeary Linda I. OLeary

Publisher – Mcgraw-Hill College

Topics – Computers

O'Leary Series: Internet


This application software tutorial offers a beginning skill level with accurate, readable instructions on communicating and gathering information on the Internet. Mosaic and Netscape navigation software, which facilitate moving around the World Wide Web, are covered. Demonstrations and exercises provide practice; objectives explain concepts, commands, and competencies. The case study offers real-world business problems to be solved using the software application. Electronic overhead transparencies in a run-time version of PowerPoint 4.0 correspond to the OTMs in the Teaching Materials and enhance learning. An online testing package supports this text. Students can take tests on the computer or instructors can prepare computerized tests in the traditional manner. Teaching Materials include an Instructor's Manual, Printed Test Questions, Overhead Transparency Masters, and Student Data Files on disk. The O'Leary Custom Binding Program offers a convenient spiral binding of this text plus 2-4 other O'Leary Lab Modules to meet an instructor's specific needs.