Power Sas: A Survival Guide Apress Books

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Book Title – Power Sas: A Survival Guide
Book Author – Kirk Lafler

Publisher – Apress

Topics – Computers,Professional and Technical,Science

Power SAS: A Survival Guide


"Power SAS: A Survival Guide" is not like any other SAS book. In fact, it's a concise and easy-to-use example-oriented book with over 1,000 Version 8.2 tips, all written in plain English. It gives novice, intermediate, and advanced users the answers they need in 60 seconds or less. "Power SAS: A Survival Guide" is designed to provide the millions of SAS users with the largest and most comprehensive collection of SAS tips and techniques ever offered. Kirk Paul Lafler is a SAS programmer, trainer, and SAS Alliance Partner(tm) with 25 years of experience providing clients around the world with comprehensive technical solutions and training. As such, he is uniquely suited to teach the SAS users of the world the most effective use of this powerful software package and programming language. Lafler also presents tips on using some of the latest features and offerings available with Version 8.2. A later section in the book provides a comprehensive self-help resource for troubleshooting and resolving SAS problems and errors. Lafler's book provides SAS users with a wonderful collection of tips, undocumented or hard-to-find tidbits of information, and other useful techniques to help achieve a more rewarding and enjoyable programming experience. He shares his expertise to help readers get the most up-to-date information on this popular software product.