Powerbook And Ibook Digital Field Guide

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Book Title – Powerbook And Ibook Digital Field Guide
Book Author – Todd Stauffer Dennis R. Cohen

Publisher – Wiley

Topics – Computers

PowerBook and iBook Digital Field Guide


Your PowerBook or iBook is a constant companion in your on-the-go world. Who has time to thoroughly research all its secrets? Sometimes you just need quick answers, and this compact, full-color

guide is packed with them. With it in your laptop bag, you'll always be prepared to get out of a jam, secure your data, configure Internet connections, synchronize files, and make your portable Mac even more efficient in dozens of ways.
* Save time with portable function keys
* Improve power management and choose portable power solutions
* Select the right backup method
* Use iChat AV, audio conferencing, and Voice over IP on the road
* Access your LAN remotely
* Fix problems with permissions, files, applications, startup, and more