Psp Hacks Mods And Expansions

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Book Title – Psp Hacks Mods And Expansions
Book Author – Dave Prochnow

Publisher – McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

Topics – Computers

PSP Hacks, Mods, and Expansions


The popular Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is the most advanced handheld video game system on the market today -- capable of doing much more than most owners realize. This book is required reading for those of you who want to "tinker under the hood" and discover the full capabilities and hidden features and functions of PSP. You will be able to easily convert and customize your gaming device into a versatile digital companion that allows you to:

  • View movies and pictures
  • Listen to music
  • Browse the web
  • Increase memory
  • Customize your favorite games
  • Upgrade PSP hardware and software
  • Integrate the iPod into the PSP world
  • Use any memory stick with the PSP
  • Listen to MP3s and watch movie videos from the PSP

The companion website will contain sample PSPcasts and movies as well as the entire book in special PSP-compatible format so that it can be viewed from the device.