Quicken 2004 For Dummies

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Book Title – Quicken 2004 For Dummies
Book Author – Stephen L. Nelson CPA MBA MS

Publisher – For Dummies

Topics – Computers

Quicken 2004 for Dummies


Effectively managing money is essential to achieving your financial goals, but if the mere thought of money management makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. If you run a small business, financial management can be the key to success. Whether it be personal or business finances, you’ll have a tough time if you don’t take care of the dollars with sense.

Money management programs like Quicken can save the day, but some of those are almost as confusing as the whole financial management mystery itself. Furthermore, the constant changes in tax laws and interest rates require them to be updated frequently. That’s where Quicken 2004 For Dummies comes in. Whether you’ve just bought Quicken software for the first time or you’re updating from a previous version, this book will help you

  • Set up Quicken 2004 for your personal or business needs
  • Handle your checkbook
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable
  • Take control of your finances
  • Prepare for tax time

If you’re familiar with an earlier version of Quicken, you can skip the basics and jump right into upgrading the program and using the newest revision. Either way, you’ll find out how to

  • Manage the bills for your family or business and set up a checkbook
  • Maintain detailed financial records and generate reports
  • Track your expenses and tax deductions
  • Make the most of your investments and set up a savings program to reach your goals
  • Control your credit cards and unlock the mystery of interest accrual
  • Handle accounts payable and receivable, and keep track of business income and outgo
  • Set up the records you’ll need to make filing taxes much easier

With Quicken 2004 as your electronic financial assistant, you may find managing your finances is no longer scary. Quicken 2004 For Dummies makes it quick and easy to find out.