Quicken 2006 Quicksteps

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Book Title – Quicken 2006 Quicksteps
Book Author – Bobbi Sandberg Marty Matthews

Publisher – McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Topics – Computers,Reference

Quicken 2006 QuickSteps


A full-color, step-by-step guide helps you use Quicken, the #1 selling personal finance software program, to manage personal and family finances

Nearly every page features of this invaluable guide screenshots with numbered callouts that show and explain how to use all of Quicken’s powerful features. You’ll learn to balance checkbooks, pay bills, master online banking, track investments, handle budgeting, manage taxes, create reports, and much more. Sidebars throughout provide alternate methods and further explanations, and each chapter’s “How to” list and color-coded tabs make it easy for you to flip straight to specific tasks and get to the information you need right away.

“Quicken remains the top dog in home & business personal-finance software…” —Computer Shopper QUICKEN® 2006 QUICKSTEPS Marty Matthews and Carole Matthews