Rip Mix And Burn In 10 Minutes Or Less : Digital Music On The Mac Os X

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Book Title – Rip Mix And Burn In 10 Minutes Or Less : Digital Music On The Mac Os X
Book Author – Nate Tschetter Sam Molineaux

Publisher – McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

Topics – Computers,Entertainment,Professional and Technical,Science

Rip, Mix and Burn in 10 Minutes or Less : Digital Music on the Mac OS X


MacMusic! This is the fastest way for musicians, producers, and DJs to find the right sound with their Mac. If you like your gratification instant, your order is ready! "Rip, Mix, and Burn in 10 Minutes or Less" serves up quick solutions for all the music moves you want to make on your Mac: downloading tunes, creating your own mixes, burning CDs, giving your iPod a workout, streaming your music online, making sound effects, adding sound tracks to videos and still photos, and much more. It even shows you how to perform simple sound editing and enhancement in record time! Just look up what you want to do in the extensive table of contents, and go right to the bite-size, 2- or 3-page instructions. Music to the MACs! It helps: select the right hardware and software; download tunes legally; mix and burn customized CDs; extend, cut and remix tunes; add sound effects DJ a dance party; fix damaged or noisy tracks; digitize your entire record and tape collection; record live, from the TV, from DVDs, and more; add soundtracks to visual content; learn music at the keyboard; generate sheet music; edit sound files professionally; and understand copyright issues.