Sampling And Soft Synth Power!

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Book Title – Sampling And Soft Synth Power!
Book Author – Michael Prager

Publisher – Course Technology PTR

Topics – Computers,Entertainment,Professional and Technical

Sampling and Soft Synth Power!


Setting itself apart from others on the market, this book covers BOTH sampling and software synths as opposed to just one or the other - topics that go hand-in-hand. The author reveals valuable tricks of the trade that help readers make their songs sound professional. Through in-depth tutorials, readers also learn how to sample and synthesize with other software and hardware. Delving deep into these topics, both professional musicians and hobbyists will be interested in "Sampling and Soft Synth Power!". It's a great way to sharpen skills and get the most out of sampling and software synths. It's the perfect book for any home recording studio.