Smil For Dummies

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Book Title – Smil For Dummies
Book Author – Heather Williamson

Publisher – For Dummies

Topics – Computers

SMIL For Dummies


The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language is bringing smiles to the faces of Web developers everywhere. A markup language similar to HTML–and just as simple to use–SMIL lets you easily combine and synchronize text, still images, animations, audio, and video to create Web pages with loads of pizzazz. Don’t worry SMIL is fully supported by most Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape Navigator 6. And, SMIL isn’t just for Web pages. You can use it to enhance multimedia presentations on a CD-ROM, to enliven computer-based training sessions, or just for the fun of it, in a RealPlayer, RealNetworks, or QuickTime multimedia presentation.

SMIL For Dummies is for absolutely anybody–regardless of prior experience–who wants to build scintillating multimedia presentations. Using three full-scale, from-the-ground-up SMIL examples, this friendly guide shows you how to:

  • Supercharge your Web site with the full range of multimedia effects
  • Build classy multimedia presentations for all occasions
  • Work with SMIL syntax
  • Fine-tune multimedia placement and timing
  • Enhance your presentations with link effects
  • Create cool animation and transformation effects

Explore the nearly limitless possibilities SMIL offers for creating gorgeous multimedia presentations. From basic to advanced features, expert Heather Williamson covers all the bases with step-by-step coverage of, among other things:

  • Getting the hang of SMIL tags, elements ,and attributes
  • Positioning your media, setting up regions, setting a sequence, understanding duration and delay
  • Customizing your presentation
  • Linking to the proper destinations
  • Using links, anchors, and image maps
  • Building your own radio station
  • Producing your own cartoons
  • Making your own movies

Just to make your first SMIL that much more fun, SMIL For Dummies comes with a bonus CD-ROM featuring:

  • SMIL Composer from Sausage Software – a SMIL editor
  • RealSlideShow from RealNetworks – a SMIL authoring environment
  • Evaluation versions of Paint Shop Pro
  • A trial version of Hot Dog Professional
  • All examples and images from the book

Even if you’ve never so much as seen a line of HTML code, SMIL For Dummies can show you how to unleash the awesome power of synchronized multimedia and create eye-popping Web pages and presentations