Solid State Pulse Circuits

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Book Title – Solid State Pulse Circuits
Book Author – David A. Bell

Publisher – Oxford University Press USA

Topics – Computers,Professional and Technical,Science

Solid State Pulse Circuits


This volume extensively covers semiconductor pulse circuits, explaining circuit operation and analysis, and discusses in detail practical pulse circuit design methods. The first chapters explain the characteristics of pulse waveforms and RC circuits that must be understood before the study of pulse circuitry can commence. The operation of diodes, BJTs, FETs, and op-amps in switching circuits is covered next. This leads to the design and analysis of inverters, Schmitt trigger circuits, multivibrators, IC timer circuits, ramp generators, and function generators. Logic gates, logic circuits, and IC logic families are also studied. After individual circuits and gates are studied, they are used as building blocks to explain digital counting, digital frequency meters, ADCs and DACs, pulse modulation, time division multiplexing. Many design and analysis examples are offered throughout the text. The circuit design approach is a simple step-by-step procedure. Device data sheets in the appendices are referred to, and standard-value components are selected.