Special Edition Using Staroffice 6.0

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Book Title – Special Edition Using Staroffice 6.0
Book Author – Michael Koch

Publisher – Que

Topics – Computers

Special Edition Using StarOffice 6.0


StarOffice is a full-featured, fully integrated suite of office productivity tools with a strong international following. Developed by Sun Microsystems, it is pitched as a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Office. It's a favorite among the "Stop-throwing-your-hard-earned-dollars-at-Bill-Gates" crowd on both the Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Special Edition Using StarOffice 6.0 addresses the core StarOffice suite, which comes with a word processor (StarOffice Writer), spreadsheet application (Calc), drawing and presentation program (Draw/Impress). In addition it addresses the formula editor (StarOffice Math) and a third-party database module that is installed with the software. The book is suited for beginning/intermediate to advanced office productivity tool users in general and users familiar with the Microsoft Office suite in particular who may want to make the switch to StarOffice. The book takes a task-oriented approach to show the users how to make the most of the StarOffice suite - from basic tasks to advanced features and uses. Also included in this edition, a section on "living and working in a Microsoft World" with insight on using StarOffice in an office/work environment with Microsoft Office users.