Struts Recipes

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Book Title – Struts Recipes
Book Author – George Franciscus Danilo Gurovich

Publisher – Manning Publications

Topics – Computers

Struts Recipes


This strategy guide helps developers to solve Struts problems and highlights the best practices to ensure that applications are secure, robust, and maintainable. Detailed code listings are designed to save developers time and money by jumping straight to the answer. In addition to a solution, each recipe clearly defines the business problem, provides the necessary background to understand the recipe, and discusses the implications of using the solution, and recipes reveal every layer of the model view controller (2) design pattern. Detailed descriptions are also provided for using basic and extended tag libraries (including Struts-Layout), using Ant with Struts, validation, security, and complex problem solving. All of the recipes contained in the book have been used and implemented in enterprise level applications so that they can be used with confidence.
Recipes include:
* How to automate your projects using Ant builds
* Cross validate your forms with a pluggable validator
* Unit testing your apps for function, performance, and coverage
* Make your applications secure
* How to effectively deal with exceptions
* Generate alternate view using PDF and XSL
* Refine your UI with Struts-Layout
* How do design a layered Struts application
* Understand the ins and out of the Tiles Controller
* Use a database in your message-resource
* Integration with Hibernate
* Use a Struts plug-in to cache resources
*Extend the iterate tag to alternate row colors
* Use the SSL extension library
* Learn about the undocumented Validator constants
* Create a wizard
.... and much more!