Suse Linux10 Bible

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Book Title – Suse Linux10 Bible
Book Author – Justin Davies Roger Whittaker William von Hagen

Publisher – Wiley

Topics – Computers

SUSE Linux10 Bible


  • Includes new coverage of Novell Linux Desktop and Open Enterprise Server (Novell's traditional environment running on SUSE), with information on YaST management tools and the OpenExchange e-mail server
  • Introduces basic Linux methodologies, including partitions, filesystems, filesystem layout, and more
  • Covers the SUSE system, command line programs, implementing online services, and using SUSE business tools in the enterprise setting
  • Features a section devoted to end-user needs
  • Also covers virtualization, including dosemu, wine, Crossover Office, uml xen and Vmware, expanded coverage of SUSE with sendmail, CUPS, LDAP and more
  • Companion DVD includes the SUSE Linux distribution