Taking Your Iphone To The Max (technology In Action)

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Book Title – Taking Your Iphone To The Max (technology In Action)
Book Author – Erica Sadun

Publisher – Apress

Topics – Computers,Entertainment,Professional and Technical,Science

Taking Your iPhone to the Max (Technology in Action)


Fast and fun to read, this book gives you all the tips, tricks and hidden techniques that you would love to try out on your iPhone. It starts by getting everyone up to speed on the basics. Then quickly moves into the fun stuff, like connecting to a TV, contract free VOIP and even how to hack so that you can run applications over the iPhone and a whole lot more. If you can do it on the iPhone, you will find it here. So whether you just want to be able to use the phone and maybe do emails or web surfing, or you want to take it to the Max, this is the book do show you how.