Teach Yourself C++ Seventh Edition

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Book Title – Teach Yourself C++ Seventh Edition
Book Author – Al Stevens

Publisher – Wiley

Topics – Computers

Teach Yourself C++, Seventh Edition


* The number one C++ self-study course from the nation's number one C++ authority, the author of the Dr. Dobb's Journal "C Programming" column since 1988
* Completely updated with the latest revisions to the C++ compilers, this book uses a tutorial approach to teach one of the most widely used, yet hard to learn, programming languages-more than 100,000 copies sold over all editions
* Provides a complete working program to teach each lesson and carefully builds on previous lessons for greater understanding
* CD-ROM includes a complete Windows-hosted IDE and C++ compiler suite, allowing the reader to compile, run, and experiment with the example programs for a complete tutorial experience