Windows Server 2003 (hacking Exposed)

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Book Title – Windows Server 2003 (hacking Exposed)
Book Author – Joel Scambray Stuart McClure

Publisher – McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Topics – Computers

Windows Server 2003 (Hacking Exposed)


"The most demystifying source of information since Toto exposed the Wizard. Hacking Exposed Windows Server 2003 eliminates the mystique and levels the playing field by revealing the science behind the curtain." --Greg Wood, General Manager, Information Security, Microsoft Corporation

From the best-selling co-authors of the world-renowned book, Hacking Exposed, comes Hacking Exposed Windows Server 2003. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to defend against the latest attacks by understanding how intruders enter and pilfer compromised networks and weaknesses. All the new security features and exploits in Windows Server 2003 are covered.