Windows Xp Visual Encyclopedia

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Book Title – Windows Xp Visual Encyclopedia
Book Author – Kate J. Chase Jim Boyce

Publisher – Visual

Topics – Computers,Reference

Windows XP Visual Encyclopedia


If you prefer to see what things look like and how to perform a task, instead of just being told, this is your ideal A to Z reference. Part I shows every Windows(r) XP tool and how to use it. Part II provides step-by-step instructions for more than 160 key tasks and techniques. Both are arranged alphabetically and illustrated in full color. It's the ultimate Visual resource--you'll see!

* Each tool and technique illustrated in full color
* Alphabetical listings for easy reference
* Step-by-step instructions for performing dozens of tasks
* A comprehensive guide for visual learners

A Visual guide to
* Using each of the Windows XP Wizards
* Backing up your files automatically
* Managing user and administrator accounts
* Configuring your computer's IP address
* Creating and managing Media Player playlists
* Securing your system on and offline